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Get a new FREE VoIP Trunk number or should you wish to keep your your existing number it can be ported to your VPS. Add as many DID numbers according to your needs.


Although Fibre Internet is strongly recommended, our Basic package will function with LTE broadband perfectly.

Hosted VPS Pricing

Basic Plan

R 290 / month
  • 15GB HDD Storage
  • 1 Processor
  • 1024MB Memory
  • Unlimited Traffic

Recommended for 4SC license


Pro Plan

R 490 / month
  • 50GB HDD Storage
  • 2 Processors
  • 2048MB Memory
  • Unlimited Traffic

Recommended for 8-16SC license

Pro Plus Plan

R 690 / month
  • 100GB HDD Storage
  • 2 Processors
  • 4096MB Memory
  • Unlimited Traffic

Recommended for 32SC license

YEALINK Professional Business Phones

Your 3CX Certified Partner

Cut Costs, Boost Profits

Save on your office phone bills and eliminate interoffice call charges by connecting remote branches and allowing remote workers to use their extension wherever they are. Travel costs are no longer an issue; employees can hold face to face web conferences at the click of a button rather than attend meetings on location. Save even more by deploying your PBX on existing hardware, on a mini PC, a virtual machine with VMware, Hyper-V or in the cloud with your own cloud account. The choice is yours.